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Marvina Rush is the founder and owner of Real Lyfe Blog. Marvina has a passion for writing, reading, and recently developed a passion for personal finance. Paying off over $20,000 of debt in just thirteen months, Marvina started to help family and friends accomplish their financial goals.

Marvina was born in Chicago, IL and attended the city colleges of Chicago where she obtained her Associates in Science. She worked in customer service for seven years where she issued payday loans to consumers who were having financial issues. Viewing contracts and handling delinquent accounts she realized that payday loans was not the answer to helping consumers fix their money problems.

She then worked for a company who was contracted through Chicago Housing Authority, where she was a community outreach specialist. Working closely with her clients and introducing financial literacy to all members of low income families, it was how Marvina knew that she wanted to make  a bigger impact in her community.

Marvina have attended as well as hosted multiple financial literacy courses, helped youth between the ages of 16-24 years old complete employment, college applications, and helped adults identify barriers in their financial and personal life as a mechanism to become financially free. 

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