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How I paid off over 20,000 in debt in 13 months

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

If you are like most of Americans, you probably live paycheck to paycheck like me. It gets frustrating trying to pay off debt and still live a comfortable life. Don't even get me started if you have a family to feed. I wanted to break the cycle and teach my children how to be responsible with money. I came up with a plan and I stuck to it. That is all! If you were looking for some magical words or tricks then this is not it. There's plenty of certified financial experts that share information with the world. You choose what works best for you and apply it. What I have learned over my debt free journey is that consistency is key. I also learned that you could have all the knowledge in the world but if you don't apply it and actually put the work in then its really pointless. It's just knowledge that is sitting in your brain being wasteful.

We often sit around praying for some magic beans to appear in our life and make everything better. There's no miracles performing for us. We actually have to figure out what it is that we want in life and what steps we have to take to make them. What is your why? What is your passion? What is it that makes you happy? I had to sit down and actually do a self assessment on my self to answer these questions. When I realize what my why was, I planned to pay off all of my debt and establish an emergency fund for 6 months. I started with applying the snowball method. (If you need more information on what the snowball method is, I talk about this in my snowball method vs. Avalanche blog post) I also calculated how much extra money I could find to put more towards my debt. My plan required me to work and sacrifice some fun, but it was indeed worth it.

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