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I quit my job in the middle of a pandemic 😱

No you are not reading this wrong. I quit my job right in the middle of a pandemic, June of 2020. I did not plan or think this out, I just quit. Here’s why. 👇🏾

I was hired for one thing, but I wore several hats in my position. I did my work so well and fast that the Vice President put me on all of the big task. No big deal. I was excited. I was a newbie and in my eyes I was moving up pretty fast. I actually enjoyed the work I did. I made flyers for upcoming events, I hosted events, and I did door to door outreach. I talked to people about specific programs we offered. I absolutely love most of my coworkers some of which I still talk to.

So why did I quit if I liked my job so much ?

After about 6 months my job became draining. I was burnt out by doing so many task (big task at that.) Some days I stayed until 10pm at night to help finish a task. I got sick more than I ever did in my entire life. I started developing migraines and I was too tired to do anything outside of work. I pretty much slept on my off days and even on my breaks.

I requested a raise shortly after and I was denied. The reason being “they were not in a position to do so at the moment.” This job gave out yearly raises but in my opinion wasn’t enough to compensate me for my hard work. In fact, I don’t believe any amount of pay would have been enough to deal with the stress.

Some co workers took sleeping pills and even medication to keep up with the inconsistency of the work the long hours and the stressful task. I was not about that life. I was still young and full of life with two children and the job was taking me from them by the hour.

I’m very big on spending time with my kids and showing up to their events. I pride myself on attending school plays, musicals, Christmas assemblies, sports games, and so much more. Missing out on these events was not an option for me.

Later that year, we had a meeting and was told that some employees would be laid off due to losing some sites we once had. We all were kind of nervous. For some people, this meant how will they pay their bills and feed their families? For me it was more of the embarrassment of actually “getting laid off.”

Prior to obtaining the job I had already secured a plan to pay off my debt and I had established what you called a starter emergency fund. By this time I only had a car note to pay off and I had a little more in my savings.

The day finally came when the owner of the company called each employee in the office one by one to basically tell us if we were returning with the company in 2020 or if you needed to find you a new job.

We all had specific times and when someone would walk out of the office we would try to read their faces to see if they passed or failed to the next level or should I say the next year as an employee with the company.

It was my turn and I couldn’t be more nervous. I sat down with the owner of the company, the Vice President, and the manager of the HR department.

This was probably more uncomfortable than the interview I had to get hired. ( There was also three people in my interview )

They started off by telling me how great I had been and how they were glad to have had me as an employee. They listed some of my accomplishments and said to me they would like for me to stay but under a different role with more duties added to my already filled list. I asked will there be compensation and again I was told not at this time.

I should have been happy to keep my job but I wasn’t. In fact at that moment I wish I had been one of the ones who were getting laid off. I know I know that sounds selfish those people were left without employment and I was wishing to be on that side. But hear me out.

I got a promotion without a promotion. I was already drained with the task and they gave me additional task. l changed my title and because they decided to keep me I should be happy about that. Well I wasn’t.

The tension in the room after everyone was interviewed was very thick. Everyone wanted to know who was staying and who was leaving, we were all asked not to share that information. Here’s what we did know. Sixteen people would not be returning after December 31st and I was not one of those people.

Here’s where it got worse. I started to get singled out. I heard some co workers talking about me in the bathroom. I had no idea what I’ve done to them. This co worker happened to be someone I had to work close with. She was over the project I was on.

She started asking me to do strenuous task and to clean up the same thing over and over.

Then covid hit I started to work from home two weeks earlier than my other co workers because my children didn’t have school.

Some relief, I thought, Wrong ! I guess since we worked from home that was considered a luxury. (It kind of was) They had given us more work to do from home than we had to do in the office some of which didn’t even make sense.

Then here comes the big task and guess who they put on the big task. You guessed it. Me! The problem with these task was they were unrealistic. They expected me to do a lot with so little time and now in my own home I was becoming stressed out.

I received a phone call asking do I need to come in the office to get the work done. Assuming I wasn’t doing my job because I was home. I was livid. I was literally busting my butt trying to get the task done that was unrealistic and even harder to read.

My work was then compared to the work of the manager who had spent several years of her life doing this type of work. Compared to me who barely spent a year.

One day after a voicemail I received from the manager stating that she needed to talk to me about the quality of my work I decided to pack up all of the office materials I had brought home including the company’s laptop and provided them with my badge and my thank you for the opportunity but my time here as an employee is now over.

I didn’t think this over I didn’t even wake up with the intent to quit. But I knew that this was it for me. My mental was way more important. Spending time with my children is way more important.

I was free. I was no longer getting headaches or sick for that matter. I enjoyed being home with my children and just a few short weeks of quitting I found out I was expecting. I got engaged to the father of my children and since then I now have three kids and a fiancé, oh and I made this blog. I now have time to do the things I enjoy doing.

I don’t regret my decision to leave something that was disrupting my plans I had for myself. I am fortunate enough to have been able to save during this pandemic and start my own small little business. Although I do miss some of my co workers and clients I don’t miss the job and I would do this all over again if I had too.

If I had to give some words of encouragement and advice to someone in a similar situation I’d say to choose you. Choose your happiness and your health and have faith that you will prevail. Oh and kick fear in the ass!

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