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Why you should START NOW

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Saying it, and doing it are to totally different things. We can say what we are going to do and never get it done. That's why it is very important to have a plan. Set goals, and small steps to accomplish them.

I had 20,000 dollars in debt and carried this debt for years. I would pay my credit cards down when I got my taxes and put the remainder on bills I was behind on. Shortly after, my credit cards were once again maxed out and my bills were behind. This was a continuing cycle.

I realized that the problem I had was procrastination. I wanted desperately to clean up this financial mess I had made but I didn't know where to start and I for sure didn't want to change my lifestyle. I wanted to party, shop, eat out, and take vacations. I needed a plan and I needed one bad.

Enough was enough, I had made this mess and I needed to take full responsibility for it. I spent an entire day in the library, researching financial tips, and reading books on finances. Putting a plan together wasn't the hard part. Starting the plan was. It was difficult because I refused to start, and because I refuse to start I missed years of being financially free.

The truth is if you really want something you just have to do it. You have to start today, Right now! There's no magical formula. Don't wait until you save enough money, don't wait until your off day, don't wait until the kids are sleep. There is never going to be a perfect time to get your financial life in order. It's going to require YOU to take the first step.

If not now, then when?

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